Become An EXIn an effort to be mindful of health concerns, we at HicksNewMedia and INFOtainment News want to let our readers know about a program called EX which aims to offer assistance to people who are looking to quit smoking. The program is spearheaded by Legacy and promoted through a partnership with the Ad Council. Keep reading for all the details…

Most men already know that women will outlive them. What they don’t know is that men who die due to smoking related causes will lose an average of 13 years of life. They also might now know that quitting Is harder for men then it is for women. It doesn’t have to be.

I’d like to tell you about EX, a FREE online quit plan and community-based quit smoking program – The program is free and includes a vastly growing community, the EX Community, providing support, information, and counseling services.

EX is unique because it teaches you how to “re-learn” life without cigarettes.

1. Re-learn Habit: Learn how to deal with your smoking triggers without cigarettes.

2. Re-learn Addiction: Learn the true power of nicotine addiction on your body and brain and how to fight it.

3. Re-learn Support – more support you have, the better your chances are for a successful quit. In the past two years, over 14,000 people have joined the EX Community and created over 300 customized support groups.

Using the influence of social media, there is a new online application within Facebook that “matches” soon-to-be ex-smokers, with the same smoking triggers. Click here to check out that application.

You may or may not be a smoker looking to quit, but chances are at least one person in your life is.

Seventy percent of smokers in America want to quit, but only about five percent of smokers are successful in quitting long-term. Most people just don’t know how to quit.

That’s where EX comes in. The free EX Plan, available at, teaches smokers how to “re-learn” life without cigarettes. Developed in partnership with Mayo Clinic, as well as input from ex-smokers, EX is a new way to think about quitting that can help smokers become an EX for good.

We’re so serious about the importance of this that we at HicksNewMedia have also acquired some ‘Quit Packs’ from the Legacy Project. They are backpacks complete with an EX quit manual, cigarett pack tracker air freshener, and more.

We’ve got 3 Quit Packs remaining. To get one, here is a contest:

  1. Follow me on Twitter. My username is jameshicks
  2. Send out the following tweet: I want to become part of the EX Community and quit smoking. @jameshicks
  3. Leave a brief comment in this post telling your story and desire to quit smoking

The contest will run through May 31st. After that time we’ll use a random number generator and select the 3 winners.

Good luck !



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