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Where have I been for the past 7 years – didn’t even know that Michael Jordan was so heavy in to motorsports and had his own team since 2004.

Check out this preview of a series Hannah Storm will be doing with Jordan on ESPN talking about the Michael Jordan Motorsports franchise.

If you’re in the area, the next race the team will be participating in will be on May 14-16 at the Infineon Raceway in Sonoma, Ca.

Racing Backgrounder

Superbikes are based on the fastest production motorcycles from each participating manufacturer, each with 200+hp, capable of reaching speeds in excess of 195mph. The rules are designed to level the playing field while still allowing the race teams to develop the engine, suspension, chassis and wheels to improve the power and handling characteristics of the machine. Engine displacement in this class is 1000cc for 4-cylinder engines and 1200cc for twin-cylinder engines.

Race events are 50 miles in length with timed qualifying sessions used to determine the starting position on the grid.

Dunlop racing tires and Sunoco race fuel are used by all the competitors in this series.


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