3G iPad Available TODAY

I shall be in line this afternoon like many of my fellow Apple Fanatic brethren. I personally thinking that the wait to go with the 3G model is a good move, especially with the new pricing model for data that Apple and AT&T have finalized on (I can handle $29 a month for unlimited 3G access).

Now, obviously, I did not pre-order my iPad – that would have made too much sense. I, instead enjoy the strategizing and planning and being “in the moment” trying to find that last unit in town.

Now I need to search for the best apps and the best case – any of you current owners have any opinions?


James Hicks

James is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of HicksNewMedia, a Digital Publishing and Technology Consulting team providing effective and relevant solutions to individuals and businesses looking to more effective utilize the social interweb. Follow him on Twitter and on Facebook.

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