Popular online TV streaming service Hulu may be contemplating a new business model where viewers may be required to pay a monthly fee of $9.95 to have complete access to all of Hulu’s video content.


Would You Pay For Hulu ? 1

The new “Hulu Plus” subscription service is expected to launch as early as next month.

The LA Times reports:

“Under the proposal, Hulu would continue to provide for free the five most recent episodes of shows like Fox’s “Glee,” “ABC’s “Lost” or NBC’s “Saturday Night Live.” But viewers who want to see additional episodes would pay $9.95 a month to access a more comprehensive selection, called Hulu Plus, these people said.”

This news is significant for iPad users. As you may recall, there were speculations earlier this year that Hulu may be launching a paid subscription service for the iPad. The move was seen as a way for Hulu to test the new subscription model ahead of its roll-out to users on other platforms.

With the comprehensive roll-out of the “Hulu Plus” service expected to happen around May 24, it is quite likely that iPad users are given access to the online TV streaming service much earlier. Hulu is reported to be already working on an iPad-friendly version of its website. [via]



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