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A Little Too Much Love For Kobe

Watch this video from KCAL channel 9. Onsite reporter Doug Randall was trying to get some Laker fan reaction prior to tonights game.

Well, there’s this dude that has serious adoration for Kobe…SERIOUS adoration !! I got a little uncomfortable hearing this. What’s classic though is the expression on the reporter’s face while dude is talking.

Shouts out to Wayne Sutton for the master editing work on the video.


James Hicks

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  5. There is no Doug Randall at Channel 9.

    No one would just pull up an orchid on camera.

    The camera man would have panned away a long time ago.

    If this was unintentional the editing would have cut into a camera in a different position each time, but it simply keeps zooming in.

    Those aren’t even kcal 9 graphics.



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