I’m preparing to get my iPad.


I’ve been waiting patiently for the 3G model and at the end of the month I’ll finally get my device.

There’s a handful of neat apps already making headlines and proving to be useful to current users/owners, but I have a different mindset and need. It’s all about the news and aggregating information for me. As HicksNewMedia (the parent organization behind THE Tech Scoop) is growing in popularity and relevance I have to be able to rapidly gather quality news, quantify it’s relevance and then turn around consistently engaging content for our readers.iPad App I'd Actually Buy 1

With that being said, I’ve recently found the new app from SkyGrid. They had me hooked at their tag line:

SkyGrid lets you discover and share the things you care about.

The unique combination of real-time and relevance gives people information they care about and want to share.

SkyGrid’s app aims to filter the news, with the aim of giving you the most important news right as it’s happening. SkyGrid’s app knows what’s the most important because it looks at the people, topics, and events, that are spreading the fastest around the whole world. The startup’s patented algorithm, Information Velocity, measures what news is spreading the fastest across the world, and brings that content directly to you. The app streams information from mainstream news, social sites, and blogs and allows you to share news articles and streams on the app via email, Twitter and Facebook.

SkyGrid also allows you to filter news by type, with news centralized around politics, tech, sports, entertainment, healthcare and more. The app also lets you create custom streams that combine different types of news. Of course, the nature of the iPad as a media consumption device makes the app particularly useful for catching up on relevant news, that’s updated in realtime. And while SkyGrid originated aggregating news about public companies only, the app has opened up its content to include all companies and startups.

iPad App I'd Actually Buy 2iPad App I'd Actually Buy 3

The best thing about this app, I don’t have to buy it – it’s free. If you want to check it out for yourself click here.

When I get my iPad this next week I’ll do a more indepth review.

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