April 8th was a great day for iPhone fanatics and developers – Steve got onstage and talked about the 7 tentpoles that made up the 4.0 iPhone OS release.

Many will probably focus on the ability to multi-task as the most important. I tend to have another point-of-view. Even with my unlocked iPhone currently and with the software installed to allow multi-tasking (or app switching…whatever you want to call it), I rarely use it. I’m just not staring at my iPhone long enough to need to have multiple apps running at the same time.

That being said, what I do find intriguing is the iAd integration directly into the OS. Being a site owner and developer of content I completely agree that the current online advertising marketplace is weak – a few Adsense ads here, a few text links there. There’s no real attachment or desire for a reader to want to click on an ad.

The key, as Steve mentions is adding emotion into the ineraction (interaction + emotion = $$).

What’s your thoughts on this?



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