Apple to Gizmodo: Give It Back !

You’ve undoubtedly seen, heard all the ruckus lately about the supposed next-gen iPhone that was left in a bar in Redwood City and ended up in the hands of the folks at Gizmodo.

It’s a sad story, and I, being a former Apple employee, feel horrible for the software engineer that made this embarrassing blunder (I won’t mention his name since I don’t think that would be cool).

Well, with all the news and video and pictures floating around the web, Gizmodo got served a rather “friendly” email today from Apple’s General Counsel.

Where does this leave us now? If this was in fact the final prototype design for the next-gen iPhone will Steve Jobs decide to postpone the release to completely revamp the design? The keynote presentation kinda looses that “one more thing” flair now doesn’t it ?


James Hicks

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