It’s not directly related to your dealings with the IRS, but regardless – the fine folks at Starbucks are giving FREE coffee tomorrow (April 15th).

It’s in conjunction with their Big Picture, green initiative which started in New York. On their website, “…For the good of the planet, Starbucks is encouraging everyone to switch from paper cups to reusable travel mugs. One day in March thousands of New Yorkers made the switch. Join them now by taking a pledge to do the same.”

On April 15th, bring a reusable travel mug into your local Starbucks and get a free brewed coffee.

The goal is to help reduce paper cup waste by starting a movement to make reusable travel mugs the standard. The coffee is only free for one day, but you get a 10 cents discount any day of the year that you bring in your travel mug instead of resorting to killing trees.

Pretty powerful stuff – I’ll definitely be participating.

Free Starbucks on Tax Day 1



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