Not to be a dissident, but rather to be one that provides options to the reading public I thought it appropriate to point out the top 2 alternatives I see to the forthcoming Apple iPad.

Option 1: JooJoo

iPad Alternatives 1I’m not going to go into the much publicized quarrel between TechCrunch and Fusion Garage regarding who does or doesn’t own the intellectual property for this tablet device – I will however point you to a fun video from Michael Arrington himself as he “unveiled” the DIY CrunchPad Kit, click here to see that.

I look at the JooJoo as an easy alternative to the iPad for reasons that it has a built-in camera and supports Adobe Flash. The pricing is about $500 so pricing is on par with the iPad.

Here are the tech specs on the JooJoo

iPad Alternatives 2

The team over at Engadget received a nice surprise in the mail yesterday, yes April Fools Day, it was the JooJoo they ordered a few months ago. Check out this video of their first interaction with the unit.

Option 2: WePad

iPad Alternatives 3German designed by Neofonie, the WePad is an Android powered tablet device that has a compelling list of features and functionality that do seem to overshadow the iPad.

Starting with a faster CPU, built-in card reader, expandable memory, and the support of Adobe Flash. Add to that the functionality holy grail of multi-tasking and a webcam, all I can say is; when will this thing hit the U.S. ? I’ve put my name down for notification when global pre-orders start.

Here’s a spec sheet showing the WePad features versus those of the iPad

iPad Alternatives 4

So what camp are you in? iPad, JooJoo, WePad, neither ?

iPad Alternatives 5



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