Watch Hadron Collider LIVE

The internet brings us the first time ever of watching the Large Hadron Collider in “action” as tests begin in an attempt to collide protons at 7 TeV (trillion electron volts)!

The first attempts to collide particles will begin at 8:30am Central European Summer Time tonight, and can be seen via CERN’s webcast which will include live footage from the LHC control rooms, coverage of the experiments, step-by-step explanations of how collisions occur, as well as commentary and interviews with experts at the facility.

Running at a cost of some $10 billion USD, the Large Hadron Collider was initially powered up in September of 2008, only to shut down for a year due to an overheating issue and gas leak to cause serious damage to superconducting magnets. [via]

You can follow CERN’s YouTube channel here.


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