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SaaSconWe just got back from Cloud Connect 2010, now we’re packing the overnight bag again for Saascon 2010. This conference will be on April 6-7th and is also down in Santa Clara at the Convention Center, but it will also spill over into the Hyatt Regency (that should be nice since when I was there 2 weeks ago I ran into a bartender training class and needless to say, the drinks were flowing).

Back to the conference…

SaaScon is the destination conference in 2010 to learn everything about Software as a Service (SaaS) and related cloud-based services. Designed expressly for those engaged in purchasing, managing or developing cloud-based solutions, SaaScon will answer all of your tough questions about security, risk, integration and more.

If you’re wondering if this conference is for you, here are the key points and expectations attendees of the event should have:

  • To gain peer-based insights on contract terms, SaaS security and more that will protect your organization – and save you money
  • To build your strategy for integrating SaaS apps, then follow through efficiently
  • To ask the right questions of new or renewing providers
  • To network with peers to learn about their best practices and benchmark your results

Click here for the main conference website.

As we did with Cloud Connect 2010, THE Tech Scoop will be streaming live and conducting various interviews at the conference. Check back on this site for Twitter hashtag and video stream information as we get closer to the April 6th start.


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