Blackberry Bold 9700

BlackBerry by RIM (Research In Motion) recently announced its latest smartphone. It is called the Bold 9700, or more commonly known as Onyx.

The new Bold 9700 by BlackBerry smartphone is quite stylish and includes many impressive features.BlackBerry Bold 9700

Bold 9700 comes equipped with a hi-resolution 480×320 screen that can display over 65,000 different colors. The Onyx is smaller than its predecessor, and luckily not as bulky as the first generation Bold.

Onyx comes with an optical trackpad for improved navigation. The trackball that annoyed many users is thankfully gone.

Similar to the BlackBerry Curve, the 9700 has a stylish shape with beveled edges. The keyboard is powder coated and there’s a leather back cover.

What will be a nice benefit for frequent travelers, the Bold 9700 allow calls to be received and placed over Wi-Fi connection and 3G network connectivity.

The camera feature has also been upgraded with a 3.2 megapixel, image stabilization and auto focus.

Always a concern, the Onyx battery life of the Onyx now can last up to 6hrs for talk time, and about 21 days in standby mode.

For more information on the new BlackBerry Bold 9700 Onyx click here.


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