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Benefits of the S-Factor Workout

With the U.S. Pole Dancing Federation competition recently being held, I felt it only fitting to write this article (remember, it’s my duty to keep you INFOtained).

The founders of the group, Wendy Traskos and Anna Grundstrom, say you can get a serious workout on the pole – comparable and maybe even better than the typical walk through at your local fitness center, also consider pole dancing a competitive sport.

It’s nice to know that all “moves” that are done in the S-Factor Workout and those performed for the competition are PG-rated. In fact, Traskos states, “It’s sort of like Cirque du Solei… just with less clothes.”It can be addictive.”

And with that I give you the following video demonstrating the benefits of the S-Factor Workout…work it out folks !

Oh and by the way, congratulations to this years champion, Alethea Austin