The RIGHT Way To Backup Your WordPress Blog 1Right out the gate – if you’re not backing up your WordPress blog…shame on you – get to it.

If you’re a site owner that has put a lot of time and care into producing content and sharing that content online, you’ve GOT to take the time to save and secure that data should the inevitable, unfortunate  occurrence happen of losing your data.

Backups are like auto and home insurance, you buy it in preparation of a bad thing happening and trust that the backup/insurance will bring you back to a known, good point in time.

I tend to lean more towards GPL-licensed plugins and tools for my blogs, but the folks over at iThemes and their PluginBuddy “subsidiary” organization have released a commercial plugin called BackupBuddy that may just be the answer to everyones dilemma and may actually turn me into a customer.

Stepping above and beyond the common backup of just the WordPress database and using FTP to make copies of your wp-content, wp-admin, and wp-includes; what BackupBuddy does is all that PLUS much more.

BackupBuddy backs up everything – the SQL database, plugins, files, themes, scripts, and everything else within the WordPress directory structures.

What also sounds like a fantastic option, is the ability to schedule backups at regular recurring intervals. So everything can be automated and you can essentially “set it and forget it.”

There are 3 membership plans for the PluginBuddy plugin club (choose the one that’s right for you):


Check out the video below of the key developers and principals at PluginBuddy as they talk about configuration best practices and uses for the plugin.

The RIGHT Way To Backup Your WordPress Blog 2



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