Studio Lighting DVD For Beginners & Pros

A product that has been long overdue is finally out. An instructional DVD that was created with the beginner in mind. “Studio Lighting DVD” is a new instructional video available at that was created with the person that is new to studio lighting in mind.

The first portion of the video covers the basics of the equipment needed and how to setup and use some of the most commonly used items from Sekonic, Photovision, AlienBees, and PocketWizards.

The second half is dedicated to demonstrating 16 different lighting setups using 1, 2, and 3 lights. This portion of the video is helpful to beginner through advanced photographers looking for tips and tricks on how to do different lighting setup.

Each setup is demonstrated from lighting position, power levels, and tips on what to do and not do. During the shooting phase of each setup photos are displayed on screen so the viewer can see some typical results.


A huge bonus offered with each DVD is a set of eight double sided 5×7 cards with each setup diagrammed, a photo taken with the setup, and some notes/tips. These are a great addition that will allow the student to easily take what they learn on the video and use it in the studio.

I personally was involved with some of the filming aspects of this video and can attest that these tips have helped me significantly with my Nikon D80 shooting. [via]

Below is a video example from the DVD.


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