A professional colleague of mine has just announced some news within the Garmin Corporation. As with many businesses, they are consolidating efforts and downsizing their physical office locations. Unfortunately, for those in the San Francisco, California offices, this is not good news, as many of the jobs are consolidatiing to the headquarters in Olathe, Kansas.

I’d like to provide my assistance by helping spread the word that there are about 14 top quality individuals with skills ranging from product management, coordination, and software engineering.

If you’re a Garmin GPS owner/user, you’ll undoubtedly know the output of this team – they created the GarminConnect community and infrastructure (a true SaaS: software as a service that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional).

The team has put together a website explaining their current situation. They have links to their individual Twitter accounts and, very smartly, their LinkedIN accounts.

Check out the site [here] and pass the word if you can.



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