[summarized via Eventbrite] I’m loving this story and this idea.

A hospitality management major at Cal State—East Bay, Kaity McGrath opened the winter quarter with an open-ended assignment: conceive and organize a successful event. And initially, she says, she and her classmates were brainstorming along standard lines. A fundraiser for a natural disaster was certainly the farthest thing from their minds. But their thoughts shifted on January 12, when news arrived of the devastating earthquake in Haiti. “We changed gears,” says McGrath. “We all wanted to reach out and help in some way.” She quickly discovered they weren’t alone. An article in the school newspaper alerted McGrath to interest on the part of the Model U.N. organization, and she got connected with that group’s Clarissa Celestino. A clear goal and an alliance across campus groups was a strong start. Now it was time to put thought into action.

When a classmate chimed in with the idea of a tournament on the Nintendo Wii—it was clear they’d found a winner: an interactive gathering that actually reflected how students like to spend their time. Plus, according to McGrath, “we don’t have a huge on-campus student life,” and this party, which they titled “Yes Wii Can For Haiti,” would simply give everyone a great reason to get together.

Something for everyone

The “Yes Wii Can” planners have taken into consideration those folks that may not be very interested in playing games, but still want to contribute and support this cause. Thus, registration will cover music and food, and additional Haiti fundraising will also take place via a raffle for Jay-Z concert tickets.

As for promotion, the organizers will be setting up a pre-registration booth a week before the March 4 event. They have also spread the word through Facebook, and have benefited greatly from involvement with a nonprofit collective called Citizen Effect. And now add INFOtainment News to the list for assisting to spread the word for this extremely worthy cause.

Click [here] for the link to register for the event.



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