You watched it, you heard it, now do you believe it?

Another question, do you care? Regardless of your answer to that question, it’s obvious that there is significant interest around the world as the web and news outlets (and yes, we here at INFOtainment News) are taking time to report on the story.

I’m only going to make a few observations as I would prefer you, the readers to chime in with your comments and insight.

The fact that he had no Nike gear on was a plus. Don’t come out representing the strained relationships with one of your remaining sponsors at a time like this – now, if you look at the pictures and story I posted yesterday of Tiger back on the golf course, he was definitely sporting the Nike gear. Read that story [here].

The velvet curtains  in the background looked made it look like he was in a low budget smoking lounge – that’s all I’ll say about that

There, unfortunately, have been many public figures that have found themselves in this exact situation; public scrutiny over infidelity, but Tiger is the first one that I can recall to screw up and actually say the words “I’m sorry” and “I apologize”

Tiger sure did get angry when he was talking about the domestic violence allegations and the media following his kids. He’s going to have to show some more restraint when the world is watching and he’s trying to rebuild his reputation.

I agree mainstream and paparazzi media should stay away from the family especially the kids

The hugs at the end looked awkward – even the one with his mother. It was almost like he was working the front aisle of the room like it was a receiving line.

At the end of the day, all I care about is when will he return to golf – he messed up and it’s a personal matter between his wife; they will work through whatever they need to work through. I wouldn’t wish those challenging conversations on anyone.

Also, it should have been expected and you didn’t have to hold your breath too long before one of the ladies came out with her “response” to Tiger’s statements. Well, here ya go. Ms. Veronica Siwik-Daniels was on KTLA with a press conference of her own this morning after Tiger’s public apology and expressed how much “in love with Tiger…” she is. Click below to see her statement.

As a bit of extra investigative reporting we here at INFOtainment News have created a word cloud from the transcript of Tiger’s speech. It’s interesting to see the words that were used the most and that standout more prominently.


  1. yeah he cheated and is a lecher but should we really care? he has no position in government or public office where his personal life could affect the public. even though I may think very little of him for his transgressions even if he continued to be the rep for countless golf related products his bad habits don’t make his amazing golfing any less amazing.the quick retreat of the companies whom he represented makes me less likely to buy their products because they don’t really care about the game only the light in which their products are shown if the best golfer is not good enough because he has bad personal habits yet remains the best golfer then why should we believe their sales pitch at all it seems it had little to do with the actual game.


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