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Tiger Back On The Golf Course

Tiger Woods hits the golf course and is seen publicly for the first time on the greens in Windermere, Florida on this past Thursday, February 18 – one day before his big apology press conference is scheduled for 11am EST at the TPC Sawgrass Clubhouse.

As more news comes out regarding his press conference we’ll update this post and look for your feedback/commentary.


James Hicks

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  4. Hmmm…just watched Tiger’s announcement. Still not feeling sorry for him…hoping he is getting the therapy he needs. Was a press conference aplogy really necessary? Not sure there is anything he could have said that would have surprised me or made me feel differently towards him. Gloria Aldridges live comments afterwards were absolutely ridiculous. Her porn start client feel “entitled” to an apology and a face to face conversation with Tiger because she still loves him. She is just concerned that their was no aplogy to her….HELLO…she was sleeping with a married man!

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