Laura Fitton Talks "Why Twitter?" 1Let it be known publicly that I love Laura Fitton ! Her attitude and enthusiasm is infectious. When she stands in front of a crowd and talks about something she is involved in you can see and her the passion in her voice and body language.

That being said, I found this presentation Laura did at last years Blog World Expo titled “Why is Twitter Called a Threat to Google?” This presentation was filmed back on April 30, 2009 and in it Laura walks through some early Twitter observations, some etiquette for utilizing the medium for business and personal branding.

The video is long (45 minutes), but worth seeing. I’d love to hear your feedback and observations after watching Laura’s presentation.

I wonder,was this before Oneforty started because there was no mention during this presentation. Maybe I’ll ask her at a future conference that she’ll be at.

Laura Fitton Talks "Why Twitter?" 2



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