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They’re out there folks – even if there really is no definitive definition of exactly WHAT cloud computing is…many organizations are making great strides to move into that multi-tenant, access to data from anywhere methodology.

I, for one, work in the managed server hosting industry (for my “day job”) and can attest that the entire notion of turning capital expenditure dollars into operating expenditures and leasing IT equipment, being able to dynamically scale compute resources as needed…that’s where the business world is going. Gone are the days of companies maintaining a back closet with servers that aren’t held at a proper operating temperature, nowadays companies are instead looking to data center organizations and managed server hosting firms that focus on computing to “house” those IT assets.

So it goes without saying that there should be jobs coming to this industry right? Well, I tend to feel the answer to that question is a resounding Yes! Robert Licursi, of the Chicago Cloud Computing Examiner agrees, and recently published an article pointing to three directions potential job candidates should look towards:

1. Cloud Computing Architect. These individuals are in demand who can assist companies with the overall architecture of this project as assess which applications or processes would even make sense being put into the cloud. Big picture. Knows architecture like the back of their hands.

2. The Cloud Project Manager: As the name implies, these individuals are in demand after the feasibility studies have been completed and can see the movement of data from the enterprise and replicate into the cloud identically.

3. The Cloud Systems Integrator: These individuals are the front line granular, hands-on, application builders, data managers, and knowing the vendors well enough to get from cloud to cloud in the event it becomes necessary.

The graph to the right shows the expected hockey stick momentum of jobs within this industry.

You can read the rest of Robert’s article [here]

What do you think? Is this the next wave of technology growth?


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