'Precious' Star Wants Timberlake 1Shouts out to my girl Gabby !!!

Now that Gabourey Sidibe has been nominated for an Oscar and got some big time Hollywood love, she is looking for a date to the up-and-coming Oscars.

Gabby’s not just looking for any ol’ dude, she’s got her eyes on Mr. Sexy Back himself, Justin Timberlake.'Precious' Star Wants Timberlake 2

“I want to make Justin Timberlake and (“The Hurt Locker” actor) Anthony Mackie fight it out for the honor of being my date,” Sidibe told the Canadian entertainment TV show “eTalk” this week. “I’m just going to throw them in the ring and make them do it!” But if Sidibe had to narrow it down to one guy, her heart is set on Timberlake. At one point during the interview, Sidibe turns toward the camera and makes her direct appeal. “Justin,” she says, “if you’re not doing anything on that night, maybe you could be my date or something. It’s fine. No pressure!”

I ain’t mad at ya Gabby !

'Precious' Star Wants Timberlake 3



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