Official 52nd Grammy Awards Poster Art
Image by william couch via Flickr

Last night in Los Angeles,at the Staples Center, many of Americas top musicians and songwriters got together for the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards.

The house was packed, everyone looked to be in a good mood, and one of the core themes from the night was that of peace and support for our friends in Haiti.

I think the show this year was ok…just ok. There were some decent live performances (Pink, Beyonce, Drake, and Jamie Foxx stick out in my mind right now). As a matter of fact, I think Jamie’s performance was the most energetic of the evening.

Note: we featured Jamie Foxx in one of our recent INFOtainment News Personality Profile’s, read that story [here].

What can you say about Ms. Beyonce…she came out strutting her stuff and represented well during her medley of hits from the past year. She walked away with a record 6 statues.

Pink, oh my God – she been hitting the gym and looks fantastic. Threw some water on her and flew across the room doing flips – you might can gather that I’m a big Pink fan.

Lady Gaga was looking crazy as ever, but outfits and makeup aside, the girl can sing. It was good to see Sir Elton John up there. I will admit that those two weren’t my first (or second) thought for who’d be opening the show.

For the most touching moment, I’m a bit torn. I was waiting with high expectation the Michael Jackson tribute. Usher, Celine, Carrie, Smokey and Jennifer did a fantastic job singing Earth Song (the 3D element was pretty nice as well), but I don’t know, I wanted more Michael. All us fans miss him so much. To see Prince Michael and Paris and how they’ve grown so and look so good was nice.

I liked the Mary J. Blige and Andrea Bocelli performance as well, love the classics “like a bridge over troubled water…”

What about you? what was your most/least favorite moment(s) from the show?



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