The WordPress Bible 1Aaron Brazell has been a vocal contributor within the blogosphere for over 6 years. His primary online presence is where he tends to “…deliver commentary in a tone that is most often taken as an honest and sober look at the web today.” – I love that line, it’s right from Aaron’s “About Page”.

He has recently taking on the task of writing a book that covers everything there is to know about setting up, configuring, and using WordPress.

Rightfully so, Aaron calls it The WordPress Bible.

Here is the summary he wrote on his blog talking about the book.

Many people who are inside and outside the WordPress community are aware that in 2009, I wrote The WordPress Bible. This 700 page book is available for pre-sale now, but will be released on Feb 15, 2010. The WordPress Bible serves as an exhaustive book for theme designers, plugin developers, core developers and WordPress users alike. It contains tutorials, references, screenshots and walk-thrus that will help you use the worlds most popular hosted blog platform to its best.

The WordPress Bible provides a complete and thorough guide to the largest self hosted blogging tool. This guide starts by covering the basics of WordPress such as installing and the principles of blogging, marketing and social media interaction, but then quickly ramps the reader up to more intermediate to advanced level topics such as plugins, WordPress Loop, themes and templates, custom fields, caching, security and more. The WordPress Bible is the only complete resource one needs to learning WordPress from beginning to end.

I highly recommend you go get your copy if you’re in anyway involved with development around WordPress. [via]

Update:Here’s a video of Aaron himself unboxing HIS shipment of the book…very cool stuff.

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The WordPress Bible 2



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