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SuperBowl XLIV – Colts vs. Saints

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The stage is set. The Indianapolis Colts will meet the New Orleans Saints in Miami for SuperBowl XLIV.

February 7th will be an all out battle on the gridiron with Peyton Manning matching wits against Drew Brees.
Both the AFC and NFC Championship games went on as expected; everyone on both sides leaving everything on the playing field and playing for four straight quarters (of course in terms of the Saints, they had to do a little overtime against Brett Favre and the Vikings).

This should really be a great game and a great week coming up. I’ll make the call right now; Peyton Manning is simply an architect, he can lead an offense and seriously run a clinic on an opposing team – he is one of the greatest QBs to play the game…period. However, the New Orleans Saints are the Cinderella story that we all want to come true. Drew Brees has some awesome weapons in the front and back field that continually produce results.

For the big game, I’m going to be going with the sentimental favorite and cheer for the New Orleans Saints.

I’d love to hear your armchair quarterback analysis and pick for the game.

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