Playing On Stereotypes – Is This Funny?

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I’ve delayed this post for a few days because I didn’t know how I wanted to approach this. So I decided just to open the question up to you, the readers.

Not sure if you’ve had a chance to see the latest commercial from MetroPCS where they have the two Indian phone tech support guys. I’m not Indian (I’m a 40 year old Black man living in the U.S.A.). I’ve been subjected to covert and overt racial stereotypes for a long time.

With that, I have a problem with this commercial. Not really seeingĀ  it as funny or entertaining, but I find it significant enough for me to take the time and post it here to hear your different perspectives.

I normally don’t get too controversial or political on this site, but it’s a new year so I figured what the hell !

James Hicks

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