Lifestreaming Done Right 1Lifestreaming: The now and future of personal blogging. It’s the practice of sharing your life events with those within your social networks (Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, whatever).

Those of us online tend to belong to many social mediums with varying “friends” and would really like to consolidate and display that lifestream of information in a visually pleasing and easy way.

Say hello to A service that allows users to create “an elegant website using personal content from around the Internet.”

Check the video below as it walks through the setup of the environment (which in my case took all of 5 minutes).

Click [here] to go to their website. If you’d like to see my site it’s [here].

Update: In an agreement with the leadership, we at THE Tech Scoop are pleased to have exclusive invite codes to give to our readers. Leave a comment in this post (with your email address and we’ll get you hooked up)

Update (02/24/10): Hii-def has announced they are out of their extended private beta and are now available for general consumption. They have come out of the gates swinging too – not only do they provide THE best and most attractive way to showcase your lifestream, but they’ve also added more services (Foursquare, Goodreads, LinkedIn, etc). Also with this official release your lifestream can be assigned to your own custom domain and integrated with your favorite website analytics package (Google or GetClicky). You get the custom domain and analytics all for the low low price of $20/year.


Lifestreaming Done Right 2



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