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Magpie is a Twitter advertising network. They actually claim to be the largest advertising network.

They have a program whereas users/members can gain incremental income by sponsoring tweets sent from their Twitter account.

Essentially, you are sent an email with a list of sponsored tweets and you have the ability to approve or decline them. Should you approve them and someone click on the link in the tweet – you get paid.

I will admit, when I first heard about this service I was completely against it; I wasn’t going to blast out garbage ads to my trusted followers. But, after further review I’ve come to find that the organizations Magpie works with are top quality, trusted and known brands that most people use and shop with normally.

So yes, I use Magpie every now and then to sponsor some of my tweets (the way mine is setup is 1 sponsored tweet per every 5 I send out). I figure that as a decent ratio.

What’s your opinion on monitization of tweets?


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