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Pete Carroll Leaves USC

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I think many Trojans fans are scratching their heads right now. It was just announced that Pete Carroll is leaving USC and heading for life in the NFL as head coach of the Seattle Seahawks.

“The nine years at USC have been the best years of my coaching life,” Carroll said in a statement released by the university. “I will forever be indebted for the opportunity to represent this great university and would like to extend my thanks to President Sample and Mike Garrett for giving me the chance.”

On Friday, the Seahawks fired coach Jim Mora following just one season and general manager and president Tim Ruskell was forced to leave on Dec. 3.

“We are excited to add Pete as our coach. He brings a great passion for winning and a positive attitude that is contagious,” Leiweke said upon his return to Seattle.

The Seahawks are expected to formally introduce Carroll at their headquarters in Renton, Wash., on Tuesday.

Old NFL Record

Carroll was 6-10 in 1994 with the Jets and then 27-21 while twice reaching the playoffs from ’97-99 with the Patriots—before he restored a dynasty at USC beginning in 2001.

“The university graciously approached me to stay but this choice is about pursuing the great challenges of competing in the NFL and I found this opportunity too compelling to pass up,” Carroll said.

Carroll was 97-19 and won two national championships with USC. He leaves following his worst season since his first at the school and with the NCAA investigating the program.

What do you think of this move? For me, when I think USC football, I think Pete Carroll. Something feels weird here; Carroll seems to be jumping ship too soon.

Your thoughts?

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  2. Something’s gonna shake at USC. The Reggie Bush investigation is on-going and look out for more on Joe McKnight. Plus the NCAA is sniffing around – and if they look, they’ll find. Sure the NFL is alluring and it beckoned, but am sure it had done so before and would again down the road. So why now? Maybe ’cause Coach Carroll’s getting out ahead of some “stuff” comin’ down?

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