Many of us find a way to convey to our online/social world exactly what is on our mind and what we are doing using 140 characters on our computers or our mobile phones. We use Twitter almost to the extent that it’s an obsession.

I, personally, follow a number of people that in some form or fashion portray many of the same ideals and values that I hold. The folks I tend to follow on Twitter are not necessarily all the top ranked, high profile actors, athletes, and musicians, but what I perceive as down-to-earth ordinary folk that have made an extra-ordinary impact within the digital landscape.

A few of these folks were recently chronicled in Vanity Fair by Contributing Editor, Vanessa Grigoriadis. The article speaks to the influence and attention fostered by these “twilebrities”

Say Hello To The Twitter Celebrity: Twilebrity 1

From left to right: social strategist Julia Roy, publicist Sarah Evans, travel journalist Stefanie Michaels, actress Felicia Day, lifecaster Sarah Austin, and marketer Amy Jo Martin. Photograph by Michael Halsband.

“..Twittering all the time—the act of text-messaging the world (why wouldn’t you talk to everyone, if you could?)—is the essential feat of a twilebrity. And because Twitter uses simple technology, it’s a utilitarian vehicle for ambitious extroverts, without any previous distinction, to become digital superstars.”

Click [here] to go to the article, then come back and tell us what you think about the phenomenon that is…Twitter.

Say Hello To The Twitter Celebrity: Twilebrity 2



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