HootSuite has just released an updated version of their social media “management system” (that’s my description, not necessarily theirs). But if you think about it, that is what HootSuite is attempting to do – allow users to manage many aspects of their social media distribution from one centralized interface.


With todays’ release there is now functionality that allows you to post directly to your WordPress blog. Check the video below.


So think about it, they’ve got a decent first version of an iPhone app that pulls Twitter analytics, they have a recognizeable and growing URL shortener (owl.ly), and now within their online interface you can post directly to your blog.

Will this make users of competing systems transfer over? I want to hear from you users of TweetDeck and Seesmic?

There’s a handful of other very good updates/additions to this release of HootSuite, check out all the news [here].

HootSuite Raises The Tweeting and Blogging Bar 1



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