Introducing: The Google Nexus One

Google revealed the Nexus One today. They’re not calling it an “iPhone Killer” but instead referring to the device as a “Superphone” and stating that, “…the message isn’t to the iPhone, it’s to consumers. Choice is a really good thing.”

Many of the early leaks and predictions have come to reality at the phone is shipping today. What’s interesting is that there is actually a substantially subsidized model offered through T-Mobile ($179 vs. the unlocked price of $529). As of this moment, T-Mobile is the only available subsidized carrier, Verizon and Vodafone are coming on board in the Spring.

Note: for those that buy the unlocked unit you can still run it on AT&T, but due to frequency differences, it’ll only run at EDGE speeds and NOT 3G.

See below for the technical specs on the device (I’m really liking the 5MP video camera). When you’re ready to get yours click on the link here.

My opinion: I think this announcement and device is good for consumers in the fact that it gives choice. I like the fact that the OS will be available via open source to allow developers to build and enhance the experience for those that matter…again the consumer. The term used “superphone” is not something that I think will stick as, similar to what Stacey Higginbotham says in her recent article [here], this device doesn’t necessarily cause a massive disruption in the industry (as the iPhone did).

That being said, let us know when you get one and let us know your opinion.
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