Denzel Washington: The Book of Eli [video] 1Denzel steps back into the silver screen with a new picture scheduled to come out on January 15.

The Book of Eli, directed by the Hughes Brothers (“Menace To Society” and “Dead Presidents”) is set in post World War 3 time. Eli, Denzel is a lone crusader who holds onto a belief that there is still some good amongst the remaining people after lawlessness has taken over the war ravaged United States.

Like any typical story of good, there’s someone/something that is…evil. That role is portrayed by Carnegie (played by Gary Oldman).

Battles ensue, there’s a lady involved in the middle; Carnegie’s adopted daughter, Solara (played by Mila Kunis), and in the end…

Even with many “typical” movie pieces in place for a lone wolf, end of civilization-type movie, you have to think that the Hughes Brothers and Mr. Washington will make this movie thrilling and suspenseful and with that, worth going to see.

Check out the trailer below and let us know if you plan to go check this out.



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