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Texas Tech Fires Coach Leach

Coach Mike Leach has been released from his position as head coach of the Texas Tech football team.

It’s the culmination of a very bad few days for the coach (image and decision-wise).

Leach had come under fire the past few days for his treatment of Adam James, the son of the ESPN broadcaster Craig James, after James received a concussion.

Leach was suspended on Monday for his treatment of Jones, who alleged that Leach isolated him in an equipment garage when he was sitting out of practice with a concussion.

Leach’s lawyer was handed a letter of termination outside the courthouse in Lubbock, Tex., where the hearing was to be held. Click here to read the official statement from the university.

Leach was due $800,000 on Dec. 31. A person with knowledge of the contract said in a phone interview on Wednesday that Leach should still get that payment as he’s technically an employee of the university for 10 more days.

While early reports said that James was locked in a “closet” and a “shed,” those were later found to be exaggerations. A television report in Lubbock showed that James was put in a large equipment garage and a room where visiting media conduct interviews after the games.

Texas Tech plays Michigan State on Jan. 2 in the Alamo Bowl. Defensive coordinator Ruffin McNeill will serve as the interim coach. Its unknown if Adam James will play in the game.[via]

Your thoughts on this whole situation ?


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