CNBC Presents: Planet of the Apps

At one time CNBC was the cable news/business channel that I watched from morning to evening. Then I lost favor with them, for whatever reason (I can’t recall).

That being said, I think these guys are once again heading to the top of my viewer and DVR list.

The station has announced what looks to be a very interesting new segment: Planet of the Apps: A Handheld Revolution.

About the show
CNBC presents “Planet of the Apps: A Hand-Held Revolution!,” a CNBC original reported by CNBC’s Scott Wapner that goes inside the apps gold rush. CNBC introduces viewers to some of the creators who are designing applications and striking it rich and explains just how the big business of apps really works.

The one-hour program looks at how the launch of the Apple iPhone in June of 2007 gave birth to a revolution in mobile technology—an apps explosion. As the popularity of apps continues to soar and users view them as an essential tool for everyday life, Apple has opened the door for outside developers to create new apps and a new breed of entrepreneurs allowing anyone from an engineer to a Hollywood star to an everyday person to become an app developer.

The show premieres Thursday, January 7th 10p | 1a ET. [via]

I will definitely be tuned in for this. In anxious anticipation, I’ve even downloaded the CNBC Real-Time iPhone app [app store link]


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