Obama Prank Calls Governor Tim Kaine 1President Obama played a practical joke on a political colleague by phoning into a radio station and pretending to be a disgruntled voter.


The US president posed as ‘Barry from DC’ as a wind-up on Governor of Virginia Tim Kaine.

He said: ‘Governor Kaine this is actually the President the United States here.

‘I had questions about traffic in North Virginia, but rather than go there I just wanted to say how proud we are of your service as governor of the commonwealth of Virginia and just wish you and the family the best this Christmas season after a terrific round of service for the people of Virginia.’

He was speaking on ‘Ask the Governor’ on Washington-based station WTOP as the governor is set to step down after four years in office.

After the surprised governor had composed himself, he said how proud he’d been to work with the president since he was elected to office a year ago.



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