WordPress 2.9 Released: Now We're Talking 1There have been a handful of maintenance releases within the past year or so of the ever popular WordPress blogging platform. With this new 2.9 release there are a number of enhancements, improvements, and overall direction shifts, in terms of functionality included directly within the core product, that will make many of us designers/developers/”users” very happy.


Without going over the more than 500 tickets, bugs and enhancements that were part of this release cycle, I’ll let the video below do the talking about the coolness of this release.

I, personally, have a few of favorite updates in this release:

  • Easier video embeds
  • Built-in image editor
  • When editing files in the theme and plugin editors it now remembers your location and takes you back to that line after you press save

On a side note, I love the fact that this release is code named Carmen, after jazz artist Carmen McRae. Check out some of her classy tunes here.
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