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Pandora Radio Wants My Money

Pandora Music
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I must have my music – at work, at home, wherever. What I like to do is navigate either to the site or use one of my downloaded 3rd-party apps and stream throughout the day.

Well, with the change in business model, and the need for cash in this rocky economic climate, Pandora is highly motivating its subscribers to jump from the free status to their Pandora One subscription service.

Hence the message I got this afternoon while listening to one of the Christmas music streams:

Notice the “fine print” at the bottom of the message; come back after the first of the year. WHAT ?!!

Now, 40 hours free per month, that’s probably fair for normal people, but again – that’s not me.

So what do I do now? I’ll continue to listen to and use Pandora, especially the iPhone app, since I haven’t run into any limits or nag screens there. But, I will more than likely rekindle my Slacker and accounts now that I’ve been kicked to the curb for the rest of the year with Pandora.


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