Google Browser Size: Content Above The Fold 1Web developers – rejoice ! Google has released a utility that quite clearly helps us ensure that the majority of our key site content is visible “above the fold”. As Jason Kincaid from TechCrunch clearly put it, “…you don’t want users to have to scroll down to see the hottest story or a call to action.”

With that in mind, Google has released Browser Size which visualizes what percentage of web viewers can see a certain part of your page. This is related not only to screen resolution, but also to what size people keep their browser windows.

To view your own web site with this visualization overlaid on it, simply type its URL into the “Enter URL here” textbox at the top of the window and click Go. The site will load your webpage in the background. It will then overlay a semi-transparent graphic depicting how much of the web’s population can view each section of your page without scrolling. FYI: the further down or to the side you go, the fewer people can see it.

Try it out on your site – click here for the link.

Fantastic resource for us developers. Check below for the overlay for THE Tech Scoop.

Google Browser Size: Content Above The Fold 2

Google Browser Size: Content Above The Fold 3



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