Get The Xbox Live iPhone App For Free 1After initially being released for $1.99 and then getting a stern “talking to” by Microsoft for noncompliance with their policy, creator Xavier Larrea has released a free version of his Xbox 360 Live iPhone app and it is available now in the iTunes App Store. [via]

Go get the app here.

Per the description, Xavier’s app has the following main features:

  • Sign in securely using your Xbox Live credentials. 360 Live automatically retrieves your friends
  • Complete Gamertags management. Add, remove, accept or reject pending requests
  • An organized Friends List. Grouped by status (Online, Offline, etc.)
  • Gamer Profile and details including gamerscore, bio, location, country, gamercard, avatar, etc.
  • Check your friends complete games history
  • Compare locked and unlocked achievements per game and gamertag
  • Send and receive messages. You can even send messages to multiple recipients
  • Gamercard coverflow style carousel on landscape mode

Microsoft Store

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