The New Social Network: YouFace

You millions of TV viewers who watch 30 Rock know what I’m talking about.

I have to admit…this is a very funny show (I’m a particular fan of The Office, but stick around to check out Tina Fey whenever possible). I’m glad I watched last night because they spent the entire episode poking fun at Facebook.

On the show, parent company GE acquires YouFace, “an up-and-coming social network.” Because Jack is an executive, he immediately sets up a profile with his “Phollo,” a cross between the words “photo” and “hello.” Immediately after Jack joins the network, an old high school crush finds him, which leads to “fingertagging” and much parsing of status changes — with Suri acting as a guide.

Watch the full episode below to see 30 Rock’s comedic take on social networking.

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James Hicks

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