I’ve never written a story about this guy, and this is the reason why – he’s useless !!

Here’s a summary of the story coming out of the Los Angeles news station KTLA and their morning show.

Apparently, Perez requested to be on the morning show to promote his new book, but arrived an hour and twenty minutes before his actual appearance time. According to KTLA, Perez knew when his scheduled time slot, but rather than wait his rightful turn, he demanded to go before the other guests, including rapper Snoop Dogg and a children’s choir, both of which were ON TIME, — because he had his blog to attend to. The KTLA staff offered him access to the entire news floor to work on his site while he waited, including news anchor Sam Rubin’s own “luxury office,” however, Perez opted to berate the KTLA staff and abandon his appearance.

It has been widely documented that Perez barely writes for his own blog anymore, and secretly has others updating his once hugely popular blog, which now seems to be waning as sites like Gawker and the huge Huffington Post are taking over as the entertainment authorities in blogosphere. True to form, Perez left in a huff and tweeted a different version of events about what happened and demanded an apology from KTLA. News anchor Sam Rubin was having none of that and had this to say about Perez and the situation. [via]

“Perez said we lied about what happened here, and he demanded a retraction…Well demand this you talentless dope, here is what really happened”

Rubin then went on to explain in detail exactly what took place yesterday morning, and when asked by Perez’s publicist to reschedule the interview, Rubin had this to say:

“Absolutely, when hell freezes over.”



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