The Office WeddingI am a huge fan of The Office. It mimics so much of my “day job” that it’s almost frightening. No I don’t work at a paper company, but the working dynamics of the team are just as hilarious.

I just got around to watching the Pam and Jim wedding episode (shouts out to the Dish Network DVR). According to early Nielson calculations, there were about 9.1 million folks that actually watched it when it aired Thursday night.

I didn’t like the beginning, with everyone throwing up all over the place, but what I did like was the end. The spoof on the JK Wedding Entrance Dance which was a REAL and has become a YouTube viral success since it was posted back in July.

Here are both videos, you tell me which one you like the best. I’m going to have to go with the original on this one, I think Jill and Kevin Heinz are the outright winners of dance-off.

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