iGallopBeen to the mall lately? Stepped into Brookstone and checked out some of their massage chairs?

Well, OSIM has an interesting piece of equipment that is “clinically proven” to work the glutes, mid-section, and abs. It definitely works something.

There are countless viral videos out there about the iGallop (or uGallop – depending on who you ask). Here are two of my favorites.

If you got $350 and want one of these, head over to Brookstone and get yours. Or if you got some big bucks, head over to Hammacher Schlemmer for what they’re calling The Mechanical Core Muscle Trainer. Fancy name, same product but they want $1500.

I’d just make sure to get a new one and NOT a floor model (take my word on this one people).
The Five Axis Mechanical Core Muscle Trainer.Exercise Gone Awry...Kinda 1

Hammacher Schlemmer Homepage

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