NFLFor all it’s worth, if you’re just a fan of the game and the competition, you enjoyed this weekends match-ups. Now, not all of the outcomes may have been in your fantasy league favor, but that’s another story for another day.

Let’s see, the Bengals got the win over the Steelers – I’m not too happy about that one myself.

Then, it hell must have frozen over because the Detroit Lions ladies and gentlemen won a game !! That hasn’t happened since what…2007 ?!

Then you have Mr. Playmaker himself, Brett Favre doing what only Brett Favre can do – scrambling, ducking, running, then launching a line drive to receiver Greg Lewis to win the game against the Niners.

Hell after that, it just seemed fitting to end the weekend Sunday with Peyton and the Colts literally putting on a clinic against the Arizona Cardinals.

Sportsfans and armchair quarterbacks unite – I want to hear your commentary on where your team is so far.

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