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Disturbing In Chicago

by James Hicks on September 28, 2009
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Derrion AlbertNot to single out Chicago, but they have been in the news quite frequently lately with severe violence cases involving our school children.

16-year old Derrion Albert was murdered, the victim of a gang assault while leaving Fenger High School in Roseland, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago.

In a “free-for-all”-esque brawl that witnesses say lasted for less than five minutes, Albert become collateral damage in a fight that was originally meant to be between two warring cliques.

Dozens of students watched as the honor roll student was pummeled with fists after being blindsided by a crushing blow to the skull with a board.

“After he hit the concrete, a gang of them just came over and started stomping him in the head and started beating him,” said an anonymous eyewitness to the tragedy. “It was over for him.”

Security cameras, housed on building near the crime scene, caught the incident and were used to identify as many perpetrators as possible.

To date only three assailants have been caught in connection with the attack. All three have been charged with first-degree murder. [via]

The video below is disturbing in parts.

Parents, please let’s talk to our children, our neighbors, our teachers, our communities…this is senseless violence. My heart goes out to the family and friends of young Derrion Albert. The Chicago Tribune has an extended article on this incident, along with a photo gallery.

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James Hicks
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  • jonnitamckinney9109

    This is horrible that is sad they need to be put in the death penalty and be totured. how could u treat someone that way that is just horrible and obscene.

  • Diandra English

    This is an outrage, another young child's life has been taken by the ignorance and stupidity of other young people. I believe this isn't the only murder occuring in this school zone. They make African American people look bad. That's why people think we are all ghetto and ignorant. I am deeply sorry for the family. It really angers me because he was an honor student, who was going somewhere in life. I hope they all go to prison for a very very very very very long time. I have no remorse for them at all. I pray the family good health and bless Derreon Albert's soul.

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