No Facebook Page For George Clooney

George_ClooneyWith all the hype of social networking and the explosive growth of both Facebook and Twitter, it is understandable that many of those folks in the public eye would want to jump on board right?

Well in the case of Mr. George Clooney, that is the farthest thing on his mind. In fact, this past weekend at the Toronto International Film Festival the folks from asked him about “his facebook page” and Clooney responded:

“I would rather have a prostate exam on live television by a guy with very cold hands than have a Facebook page.”

So there you have it. Do you agree with Mr. Clooney? He’s already plastered all over the entertainment media so I’m not sure an official Twitter or Facebook fan page would provide significant value.

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James Hicks

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  12. The nearest thing on George Clooney’s mind is to increase his bank balance & the furthest is to donate to the unfortunate & needy cases. George would rather see $10 million/ come to him than that money given to the homeless. G. Clooney is 95% show & wether or not Clooney has a Facebook page is of little or no importance.
    With all those luxury mansions of his in Europe, Britain & the U.S.A, people are still below the poverty line by the millions. One person does not need all that luxury. George Clooney may be a Hollywood heart throb but a cunt fuck in real life, with not a care about his fellow U.S citizens in poverty. G. Clooney will press his cock and say, “Its not my problem that all those people have no food and no homes to live in.” He is the K.F.C(Kentucky Fucked Cockhead) of Hollywood.

  13. George Clooney will clang his balls, fart & masturbate and still there will be millions of people sleeping on the streets. He has US$960 million/-
    under his belt but all that money is for George Clooney only. A genuine arsehole.

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