Don’t take life sitting down – that’s their tag line.

Go Girl is a device that allows women to go to the bathroom standing up.

Talk to me ladies…is this something you’ll start carrying in your purse?

Made of flexible medical grade silicone that has a splash guard to eliminate spillage, the GoGirl urinal is easy to use with a little practice. According to their website, women will not even have to pull down their pants to use the restroom. “With a little practice you can simply unzip your fly and go to the bathroom without having to remove your pants.”

Women also have the choice of disposing of the GoGirl urinal or washing it and reusing it. To clean the female urinal, all it takes is to wash it with soap and water and then let it dry.

GoGirl urinals are currently only available on their website. Retail sales are expected to begin in the fall of 2009. The demand for the female urinals continues to grow. GoGirl sales are expected to reach the $40,000 a week mark soon.
Available on their website a single GoGirl urinal sells for $6.99 and a three pack sells for $18.99. Other items are also for sale such as tee-shirts, caps, boy shorts for girls of course and lip balm.


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