tankiniWhen a woman shops for a swimsuit, what is it that she’s looking for? Is it the best fit, the best deal, the best look, the best style, the trendiest new cut? I, for one, would go with great fit. That, almost always is the number one concern for the average woman. With a tankini, companies have made it mandatory to purchase separate pieces, the bottom and the top. Why?


If I need to answer that, you’re probably not a woman who wears bathing suits. Any suit-wearing woman knows the answer, and can sympathize with other women about the dilemma we all face shopping for beachwear.

The tankini has become super popular across the world for a number of reasons. They seem to fit any size woman, including pregnant women. They are extremely versatile and can work for any type of woman. It’s hard to find a great fitting one-piece and worse to find a bikini that you feel sexy in.

A woman may need a suit which she might wear in the privacy of her own home. Then she would have the suit she would wear at the beach in front of others. What is great about Tankinis is you can coordinate your favorite suit for all the different occasions you might need one.

You can even wear the full top with your less than full bottoms at home. Go with a longer skirt to go over top while in public, and you can change it up to add a skimpier top to the skirted bottoms for a nice change. The options are endless with tankinis.

The reason swimsuit companies now offer this style should be self-evident. No one who has bought swimwear will need to be told why this option is available. Tankinis offer us solutions never before available and we should be truly grateful to those designers of this wide array of beautiful and colorful dreamy swim gear. The biggest problem you might face is deciding you cannot afford to buy them all.

Finding a tankini that fits can be an issue though. The average woman is faced with cookie cutter swimwear. But go online and you’ll quickly find the most gorgeous swimwear in a size that works and at a price that is nice to the wallet.

Never having to go to the department store to face one of those fun house mirrors in the dressing room does have its appeal to be sure. This alone is the best reason to shop online. Privacy is another. Frankly, this is an awesome idea for a gift certificate for a friend or a wife.

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